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Body Dysmorphia

by Ash Mammal

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He was a monster in his head and that's what he saw in the mirror. She was his ego, his mind, his words. She groomed his fur and washed out his eyes with soap that stung. He didn't like it. He didn't like her. She told him he liked her. She told him that a lot.

We wrote this over a good few months. We have lots of songs but these are a poignant couple that sound nice to us and mean something beyond being okay. We've had horrible times and lovely times. The struggle goes on, this is a documentation of it so far I guess. Just subconscious shit that came out when we started playing music. Most of the words written at 4am beyond sleeping but realising it meant a whole lot more than you could comprehend in your slumberous scrawl.


released July 8, 2015

Ash Mammal

Cass, George, Anya, Jeeves

Made with Adam at Deadline Studios



all rights reserved


Ash Mammal Leicester, UK

Ash Mammal didn't get enough attention as children and crave it from an adoring crowd. They can't play, they can't sing, don't listen to this band, don't come near this band. They are everything wrong with society today. Ash Mammal Combine their eclectic mix of Punk, Alternative and existential fear to create a Live act for liars, thieves and scammers galaxy wide. ... more


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Track Name: Taste
Usually your words don't have much affect on me. (I turn concrete). I love the way you taste after the rain (it melts my brain). I love the way you taste. Seems to me, darling, I forget to breathe (remind me please). Dirty fingers, filthy smile (sugary bile). I love the way you taste. I love the way you waste. Our love will stay the same.
Track Name: Ka Ka Küchie
Our palms were related, you broke my bones but I'm elated. I was complacent, I let your hotel room go vacant. Shoot me in the head with a shotgun. Küchie takes a bullet for the last one (chance) we're ever going to make at heading west. Blood delivers food for your fever, turns us into nocturnal creatures. You left me all alone in the dark of the day. Ka Ka Küchie. You haggled and bartered, you died alone but still a martyr. I was complacent, I let your hotel room go vacant. She sleeps alone, I checked out not long ago. I trust she's fine. She's sleeping fine though she's sleeping next to nobody. She's sleeping fine though she's sleeping next to me. (I wanna be your no-one).
Track Name: Polyamorous Me
Through the gaps in my teeth there leaks a song. Spend my breath wisely, I've not got long. We used to be a fantastic three but I'm not as clever as that anymore. You're not as tactile as that anymore. I can't love you both (or so I'm told), I wanted you two when I was grey and old. I wanted to be polyamorous me. I'm not as clever as that anymore. You can't love people like that anymore. Run away, far away, you've got so much to live for. Starving to death, nothing left, I've got nothing to strive for. Nothing to die for.
Track Name: Bloodsugar
Skip days in my diary, rip holes in my skin. Bleed me dry, parched and shy. That's why we don't go out at all. Scoop it out of my mind, drizzle over the floor until there's not a drop more. These shakes are all I know and my bloodsugar is low. You know what they say: "Today is non-descript in every way". We don't go out at all. That's why we never go out at all.

Rack your brains for it, wreck your mind towards it.
(Down and out and up and down).